About Upgrown

Bringing Simple and Effective Farming Solutions To Everyone

We are a Singapore-based agri-tech company that specializes in project management and systems integration for commercial controlled environment agriculture. We cover indoor farming, vertical farming, and greenhouse hydroponics solutions, serving clients mainly across Asia and Canada. 

With years of experience on a wide span of hydroponic systems ranging from horizontally-stacked system of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Shallow Water Culture (SWC), to vertically stacked system of ZipGrow™ and ZipFarm™, our mission is to guide and support modern farm operations, of any level and scale, through the business planning, design & build process, and to empower people with the tools and knowledge to run a commercially-viable operation professionally, growing healthy, sustainable food for local communities, emphasizing on simple, modular, smart solutions.

We are passionate in making good local food available to the masses, and inspiring healthier, sustainable communities. Our farming models emphasize on maximizing productivity, minimizing reliance on natural resources (arable land, water), and most importantly being commercially viable.

Our services include consultancy, training, R&D, design, implementation, and operation. We work with leading international agri-tech companies/brands and distribute a range of quality, tested and proven horticulture solutions including horticulture lighting, growing systems and horticulture supplies.