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LED Grow Light Bar (23W)

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Length: 4ft

Introducing a super slim horticultural LED light specifically designed for multi-layered vertical farming and tissue culturing to maximizes spatial utilization. Patented novel single-chip architecture diodes emit blue, green, and red (BGR) bandwidths, full Photosynthetically Active Radiation (400 nm to 700 nm), for maximum plant yield while keeping power consumption low.

  • Emits blue, green, and red that covers full PAR
  • Low power consumption at only 23 W
  • Super slim form factor and light weight
  • Passive thermal management with no fan
  • Long life expectancy over 40,000 hours
  • Available in three colors
  • Requires an external power supply

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We are a Singapore-based vertical farming/indoor farming/urban farming technology company. We specialize in ZipGrow™ towers and related products for Asia.

For Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Plant Factory With Artificial Lighting (PFAL), we provide solutions for indoor farming applications including growing systems (ZipFarm™), autodosing and LED grow lighting.

Our aim is to provide growers/farmers of any level of experience (beginner or expert) and scale (commercial/hobbyist/research), with the tools and knowledge to grow healthy, sustainable food for local communities and to run a commercially-viable operation. We allow growers to start small and scale up their operations easily through the simple, modular, smart solutions that we provide.

We promote cost-effective vertical farming solutions that maximize space and productivity; and minimize reliance on natural resources (arable land, water). We are passionate about making highly productive and sustainable farming innovations accessible and affordable to farmers/growers in Asia. Our services include system design, installation, consultation and operation.

For more information/enquiries, get in touch with us: contact@upgrownfarming.co

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