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Insect Sticky Traps

80 SGD

The size of a single roll is 30cm(width) x 80m(length).

Yellow and Blue Sticky Rolls are coated both sides with glue and are best used bung horizontally above the crop, around the sides of the greenhouse or between rows.

The yellow traps are recommended for whiteflies, the winged forms of aphids, scarids and certain other leafhoppers and leafminers.

The blue traps are used mainly for the detection and monitoring of thrip species (including western flower thrips - Frankliniellia occidentailis).

The rolls should be placed in the crop immediately after crop emergence or transplanting before insect pest populations start to build up. Where sufficient traps are installed the build up of pest levels may be greatly reduced allowing a delay in the introduction of beneficials and a reduction in the total number of introductions.


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