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25 Gallon Reservoir & Cover

150 SGD

This reservoir and reservoir cover, bundled together, are made of a durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance. allowing you to use in harsh, farming conditions for as long as possible. Its low profile makes it perfect for DIY seedling growing cart systems or hydroponic system sumps. The convex, ribbed cover design allows for drainage of water that may have collected on top. The reservoir can easily be cleaned due to its small design and rounded corners.

Cover fits inside the edges of the reservoir and has various access points for meters or pump cords.

Reservoir dimensions: 30.75" x 30.75" x 13"

Cover dimensions: 27" x 27" x 2"


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For Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Plant Factory With Artificial Lighting (PFAL), we provide solutions for indoor farming applications including growing systems (ZipFarm™), autodosing and LED grow lighting.

Our aim is to provide growers/farmers of any level of experience (beginner or expert) and scale (commercial/hobbyist/research), with the tools and knowledge to grow healthy, sustainable food for local communities and to run a commercially-viable operation. We allow growers to start small and scale up their operations easily through the simple, modular, smart solutions that we provide.

We promote cost-effective vertical farming solutions that maximize space and productivity; and minimize reliance on natural resources (arable land, water). We are passionate about making highly productive and sustainable farming innovations accessible and affordable to farmers/growers in Asia. Our services include system design, installation, consultation and operation.

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