How Consolidation of Multiple Orders Works?

The purpose of consolidating multiple customer orders is to help reduce the per unit shipping costs in order to make transportation of goods more cost-effective. To achieve cost-effectiveness for shipping a consolidated order shipment, a minimum of 25 5ft ZipGrow™ towers are required. Orders from multiple customers located in the same country/state will be consolidated into a single order and shipped as a single shipment. Note that consolidated orders may take a longer time before the order is shipped out.

Orders will be consolidated monthly. If the minimum quantity of 25 is reached by the end of the month, we will notify all customers included in the particular consolidated order to enter their individual orders through our web store by selecting a special product item titled "Consolidated Order - [Month][Country]". Once all customers have submitted and paid for their orders, the order will then be shipped out. If the minimum quantity of 25 is NOT reached by the end of the month, the order consolidation will continue into the following month(s) till the minimum required quantity is reached.

Individuals wishing to participate in an order consolidation can place orders by sending us an "Order Consolidation Request" to our email ( Please include your contact details, shipping address and order details.

Order Consolidation Updates

Refer to this section for weekly updates on the status of existing order consolidation.

Latest Updates (25 March 2014):

>> There are currently no orders for consolidation.